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RDMF11: Workflows and Lifecycle Models for Data Management

20 June 2014 |

The increasing obligation to manage and share data in an active way is to the majority of scholars a relatively new (and not always welcome) facet of their roles. Research data managers and support teams may therefore find benefit in tailoring the assistance, tools and guidance they offer their researchers in ways that synchronise smoothly with existing working practices. Furthermore, from a quality and transparency standpoint, workflows and lifecycle models can serve to standardise research processes, underpinning the openness and reproducibility of scholarship. But these goals vary in relevance and importance across the spectrum of academic disciplines, and what works well in one institutional context might not translate quite so well into another…

This one-day event will provide an opportunity to hear from experts in different stages of the scholarly research, publication and long-term data management lifecycle, as well as a forum for more detailed discussion of specific areas of interest to the event’s participants. It will appeal to a broad audience, spanning researchers; staff from library, information and research organisations; repository managers and administrators; data curators, data centre managers and other data professionals; funding organisations and research networks.

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In addition to the plenary sessions, there will be ample opportunity for discussion via break out groups. Please see the programme for more details.

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The delegate price of £95 includes lunch and all refreshments.

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