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Join the growing number of research institutions, funders and countries subscribing to DMPonline

DMPonline is free for the end user. Anybody can create an account and write a data management plan using the basic Digital Curation Centre plan template. Currently, the tool has over 120,000 registered users and growing.

Why subscribe?

Institutions can take out paid-for subscription to DMPonline.

The key benefits in subscribing are customisation and data on usage of the tool. Institutions can subscribe to create templates, customise funder templates, add guidance, and gather intelligence on how the users interact with the tool. DMPonline is a key element of the research data management apparatus at over 70 institutions.

With basic subscription, institutions can:

  • Create institutional templates
  • Customise funder templates to add example answers and additional sections
  • Provide tailored guidance
  • Monitor usage statistics
  • Harvest information using the API

These functions can be carried out independently, by institutional users with administrative rights.

With enhanced subscription, institutions can:

  • Use institutional brand elements (e.g. colours, logo, favicon) to make DMPonline look and feel like an institutional tool
  • Use customised URL
  • Make changes to the text on the website

We offer additional, bespoke features and we involve our users in the development process by consulting them on what new features they could benefit from.

We also offer multi-institutional subscription packages as we do for SUNET, funded by Swedish Research Council, and national services such as DMPTuuli in Finland.

For examples of customised websites, please visit our DMPonline Partners page.

We offer subscription contracts for one year or three years. Fees take into account the size and research intensity of your institution.

Please contact the DMPonline helpdesk for an informal conversation on your requirements.