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Since it opened its doors in 2004, the DCC has produced a broad range of guidance documents for data management practitioners.

Our advice is summarised in a variety of guides ranging from high-level briefing papers to hands-on how-to guides and checklists, to case studies and policy overviews. They are aimed at research support professionals as well as active researchers.

Our resources are free to use and contain everything you need to engage effectively in research data management, digital curation, and data preservation activities.


How-to Guides

Curation Lifecycle Model

Guides provide working-level knowledge of curation topics which range from how to develop research data management services through to metadata standards. Each provides background concepts and practical steps aiming to help people in research or support roles implement data management capabilities in their organisation, or better align them with best practices.

Many of our guides and checklists are available for sale online.

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Digital Curation Standards

For digital curation and data preservation initiatives to be successful, activities must be based upon sound and tested standards that promote best practice.

The DCC is committed to providing a standards watch that will play a vital role in the testing and certification of new tools and trusted digital repositories.

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Case Studies

Case Studies put the guidance into context by describing how specific organisations develop and deliver curation.

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These are resources that provide an overview of current topics in data management, funders' research data policies and links to various legal resources.

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Policy Analysis

Curation Reference Manual

Our Curation Reference Manual contains advice, in-depth information and criticism on current digital curation techniques and best practice.

Curation Reference Manual

DCC Published Work

Our published work includes books and journal articles. Our online catalogue will enable you to sort our publications by author or year and contains the information you need for citation.