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DMPonline demo session – providing feedback

Magdalena Drafiova | 29 September 2020


After more than a year of running DMPonline drop-in sessions I thought of launching something new – more interactive calls that could hopefully also improve the understanding of certain functionalities. The idea originally came from joining usability testing calls and a few weeks later, we managed to run our first demo session. I am providing you with a short summary on how the session went, what we have covered, and what we plan to work on next month! 

You voted for ‘providing feedback,’ to be the first session, and so with my colleagues in the DMPonline team we started to plan the day for you. We put together a shared agenda which we hope to be a living document for these sessions, something you can always come back to in order to see what we discussed and what is coming next!  

Our first session started with some technical hiccups, but we managed to resolve our meeting room issue quickly and started the session just few minutes later than expected and managed to catch up with the timing we had planned in our agenda.  

Patricia ran through your experience in providing feedback on DMPs using DMPonline, and shared a blog post on our recent usability testing from our colleague Diana as request feedback came out as an area for improvement in this survey. We also asked you about your experience in providing feedback on DMPs more generally. TUDelft for instance has more reviewers providing feedback on a plan and it is sometimes difficult to find out which reviewer should be providing feedback. You would find it useful to know which reviewer was assigned to provide feedback. Sheffield would just like to know whether a DMP is being worked on regardless of the reviewer assigned to work on this. Both issues which we are actually aware of. On this note - Patricia has also presented potential changes and upgrades to the current functionality of providing feedback such as differentiating between collaborator and admin comments as these are currenlty difficult to differentiate #2366, or enabling for instance the tracking and assignment of DMP feedback reviews #2271

Magdalena then run you through how to configure this functionality, from switching this feature on, through showing you where DMPs will appear on the dashboard and also showing you where your researchers can hit the request feedback button. Do not forget that in order to be able to provide feedback, you must be assigned the administrator privileges - otherwise you will not see the correct interface and the tab you need to use. 

We will be putting DMPonline demo session YouTube playlist for those of you who have missed the session or want to re-visit. We also asked you to vote on our next DMPonline session which will be taking place on 27th October 2020 at 10:30, and you voted for this to be on conditional questions! To find out how to log in on the day and see more details, see our agenda.  

We have enjoyed the first DMPonline demo sessions with you and are looking forward to the next session when we are hoping to avoid the technical issues with using a new zoom link. Please use the notes to share your updates with your colleagues and feel free to add anything else you want to know the community to know.  

Last but not least ...  

As always, we are keen to hear from you about how you use the tool and how we can improve it, so please feel free to contact us at the details below:  

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