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Planning (Urban, Rural and Regional)


CESSDA MLI - Council of European Social Science Data Archives Minimum Level of Information

A common base profile of DDI for use by the member archives of CESSDA.

ISO 19115-2 - Imagery and gridded data

An extension of ISO 19115 defining the schema required for describing imagery and gridded data.


DDI Tools

The Data Documentaion Initiative website's list of tools to implement the DDI standard.

Use Cases

CESSDA Catalogue

Provides a seamless interface to datasets from social science data archives across Europe using the CESSDA MLI profile of DDI.

DDI Projects

The Data Documentation Initiative website's list of projects adopting or encouraging DDI as a standard.

Metadata standards

DDI - Data Documentation Initiative

An international standard for describing data from the social, behavioral, and economic sciences. Expressed in XML, the DDI metadata specification supports the entire research data life cycle.

FGDC/CSDGM - Federal Geographic Data Committee Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata

BGDC policy states that non-Federally authored standards that are endorsed by the FGDC have the same status as FGDC developed standards. Since ISO 19115 and the associated standards are endorsed by the FGDC, federal agencies are encouraged to transition to ISO metadata as their agencies are able to do so.