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COARDS Conventions

Developed by the Cooperative Ocean-Atmosphere Research Data Service (COARDS), these conventions constitute a standard set of metadata to include in netCDF files, allowing them to be shared and interchanged.

The COARDS Conventions are generalised and extended by the CF (Climate and Forecast) Metadata Conventions.

INSPIRE Metadata Regulation

A profile of ISO 19115:2003, adopted in 2007 as the common metadata standard for the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE). The other profiles of ISO 19115 in use in European Member States have been made compliant with INSPIRE.


CIM Tools

Tools for viewing and validating CIM metadata encoded in XML format.


A package of tools that facilitates the generation of ISO 19115-2 metadata from NetCDF data sources.

PIMMS - Portable Infrastructure for the Metafor Metadata System

A methodology and toolset for documenting climatology simulation experiments using the Common Information Model(CIM).

Use Cases

CEOS International Directory Network

An international effort headed by the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites developed to assist users in locating Earth science data sets, data services, and visualizations using DIF metadata.

CMIP5 Metadata Questionnaire

A service for submitting CMIP5 climate data to the Earth Science Grid in a form compliant with the Common Information Model (CIM).

Earth System Grid

A gateway providing a discovery service for climate data held at repositories across the globe. It supports use of the Common Information Model (CIM).

GFZ Information System and Data Center

A case study describing DIF metadata use in the German Research Center for Geoscience.

Metadata standards

CIM - Common Information Model

A model for describing numerical experiments carried out by the Earth system modelling community, the models they use, and the data they produce.