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Data Management Skills Support Initiative - Assessing, Benchmarking and Classifying (DaMSSI-ABC) a support project for the JISC 01/12 data management training projects

DaMSSI - Assessment, Benchmarking and Classification

Research Data Management Skills Support Initiative  - Assessment, Benchmarking and Classification (DaMSSI-ABC) continues the work of DaMSSI. The project will run from August 2012 and until August 2013.


DaMSSI-ABC aims to support and improve coherence in the development, dissemination and reuse of research data management training materials developed by the JISC RDMTrain projects.

DaMSSI-ABC aims to 

  • Work with relevant professional bodies / learned societies and funders, to endorse and promote good data management practice.
  • Classify course offerings, by ensuring that the anticipated outcomes of training interventions are clearly set out to allow participants to select the training that best meets their learning objectives.
  • Identify and agree benchmarks on learning outcomes on learning outcomes and means of assessment so that courses from a range of training providers can be effectively compared.

DaMSSI-ABC will work with the JISC RDMTrain projects to support classification and deposit of training materials into JORUM so they are more easily discoverable for reuse.

DaMSSI-ABC will identify and promote benchmarks for data management training in cooperation with other stakeholders including professional bodies. 

The Researcher Development Framework, and its new information literacy lens, will be used as a key reference for this purpose.

DaMSSI-ABC will also work with the JISC RDMTrain projects to trial Research Information and Digital Literacies Coalition (RIDLs) draft criteria for describing good practice in information handling training.

Outputs will include

  • Dissemination and synthesis of RDMTrain projects’ outputs and key messages
  • Improved communication established between the communities represented by the RDMTrain projects and professional bodies and other stakeholders.
  • A research data management portal or “lens” within Jorum with descriptive keywords for increased visibility of project outputs.
  • Agreed methodology for mapping project materials to the Researcher Development Framework as a means of benchmarking
  • A set of criteria that can be adopted for self-assessment, description and evaluating of data management training courses

DaMSSI-ABC outputs

Librarian career profile

Jorum RDM Collection

Guidance on depositing to Jorum RDM collection

Draft classification scheme

Draft criteria checklist for developing and describing information literacy training

Draft criteria checklist for evaluating information literacy training


Get invovled!

Please feel free to provide feedback on the draft criteria for developing and describing and/or evaluating information literacy training. Please send your feedback and comments to us by June 30 2013.

Reference materials

DaMSSI-ABC events and presentations

  • DaMSSI-ABC workshop, April 18, 2013
  1. Researcher Development Framework, Jonathan Roberts, Vitae,
  2. Vitae RDF Mapping Methodology
  3. Vitae RDF Mapping Document
  4. Vitae Information Literacy Lens on the RDF
  5. Vitae Database of Practice Overview
  6. DaMSSI-ABC and Jorum, Siobhan Burke, Jorum

DaMSSI-ABC partners

DaMSSI-ABC project team:

Siobhan Burke: siobhan.burke[at] (Research Officer)

Joy Davidson: joy.davidson[at] (Project Manager)

Stephane Goldstein: stephane.goldstein[at] (Consultant)

Laura Molloy: laura.molloy[at] (Research Officer)

Jonathan Roberts: jonathan.roberts[at] (Consultant)

Kellie Snow: kellie.snow[at] (Research Officer) 

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