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RDM guidance webpages

This page lists examples of Research Data Management (RDM) guidance websites produced by UK universities to support their researchers.

The websites typically cover a range of themes (e.g. data management planning, documenting data, storage and backup, data sharing and preservation) and direct researchers to local support and services.

There are lots of similar websites by US and Australian universites. We've included a few key examples.

Brief comments are made to flag particularly useful features or coverage from each website.

Please pass on other examples that you think we should add. We will favour reusable content, so if you are responsible for the page concerned please let us know if it is covered by a Creative Commons licence and if so which one.

UK Institutions

University of Bath - Research data webpages
Concise guidance webpages with little scroll. organised around six scenarios; planning a project, working on a project, finishing it, using someone else's data, or someobody wants your data, or you want to know more.

University of Bristol - Research data management
Short guides including an introduction, and coverage of Data Management Planning including funder specific advice; a broad range of training resources,including discipline-specific guides, advice on data storage and security, and sharing and publishing research data. Highlights institutional support available. Includes CC-BY licensed guides.

University of Cambridge - Support for Managing Research Data
The sister-site to Glasgow, developed during the Incremental project. Content is CC-BY-NC-SA - 2.0 licensed.

University of Edinburgh - Research data management guidance
Guidance aimed at PIs covering 8 themes. The associated MANTRA online training module for PhD students in particularly useful and CC-BY licensed.

University of Exeter - Research data management
Comprehensive coverage under six headings; create, organise, access, maintain, promote your research, and training, support and guidance. Includes video clips, 'tips' and interview quotes.

University of Glasgow - Data management support for researchers
FAQ style guidance covering a range of themes. It includes a number of data management videos

University of Hertfordshire - Research Data Management
Organised around key points in the research lifecycle; planning, starting, working, and finishing; plus cross-cutting coverage of data governance and training topics.

University of Leeds - Managing research data
Concise advice on data management policies, data management planning, and further training and support.

University of Leicester - Data management support for researchers
Really comprehensive coverage across four main areas; create, organise, find and share, and keep. Videos and interview clips included, and a useful RDM leaflet.

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine - Research data management
Very comprehensive coverage, with clear signposting of one-to-one advice. Main topics are an Introduction to RDM, produce a DMP, create and organise data, keeping data securely, documenting your data, curate and preserve data, share data and cite data.

University of Manchester - Research data management
Strong focus on data management policy, data management planning, and storing your research data. Nicely transparent reporting of service implementation plans.

Newcastle University - Research data management
Covers policy and governance, curation lifecycle, training, tools, data storage and processing and follow-up contact.

University of Nottingham - Research data management
Clear and concise guides on 'what is research data', lifecycle, data management planning, creating, organising, sharing and archiving data. A 'research data showcase' presents several case studies.

University of Oxford - Research Data Management webpages
Concise guidance making good use of dropdowns. It can usefully be navigated by a circular diagram of data themes.

University of Southampton - Research Data Management webpages
Comprehensive guidance with lots of useful links to external resources.

Selected other sites

University of Adelaide - Research Data Management
Organised around four sections; evaluate your needs, create a plan, manage your data, and track your data; plus a link to DataConnect, the university data catalogue. Although not public this feeds into Research Data Australia, which is publicly accessible.

Cornell University - Research data management service group
To the point coverage of writing a DMP, and comprehensive range of services for managing data.

MIT Libraries - Data Management and Publishing
Short, useful guidance, particularly the data planning checklist.

Purdue University - Sensitive Research Data Management
Focused on addressing issues with sharing research data involving human subjects or other sensitive data sets. Another great Purdue resource is PURR (Purdue University Research Repository) which as well as offering generic advice provides a collaborative workspace and data repository.

Monash University - Research data management
Comprehensive advice plus great resources including case studies, scenarios, workflows, toolkit for interviewing researchers - the latter being aimed mainly at librarians and support staff.

University of Oregon- Research data management
Offers straightforward guidance on Data Management Planning and 'basic data management steps you can take' with a useful set of Best Practices summarising the support available

Stanford University - Data Management Services
Clear and concise overviews with basic and advanced coverage, and a number of short case studies illustrating selected themes. Includes a helpful range of bad as well as good practices.

University of Virginia - Data management consulting group
Overview of consultation services organised around a data lifecycle, and intended to initiate a data interview to get personalised recommendations.

University of Wisconsin-Madison - Research Data Services
Includes several videos of researchers and particularly useful resources on writing a DMP.