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RDM service delivery models: procure, provide, partner - CANCELLED

a one-day workshop at RDA

16 March 2020 |

Following the declaration by the World Health Organisation of a pandemic with regards to COVID-19, this event has now been cancelled.

The DCC is delighted to announce it will be running a one-day workshop at the RDA plenary in Melbourne. This will take place on Monday 16th March at La Trobe University, close to the RDA plenary venue. 

"RDM service delivery models: procure, provide, partner" builds on ideas that emerged in discussion at the CODATA RDM symposium in Goettingen in March 2018, as well as discussions DCC have since held with institutions across the globe in terms of service procurement.

Many institutions are committed to open source technology but may not have developers in house, or find it hard to make the case to adopt such technologies due to perceptions they are immature. When procuring services, how can you ensure the process is open to all and doesn't preference certain providers? What are the best ways to provide RDM services in partnership with others? And how can you have a strong voice to guide the direction of tools you subscribe to?

All of this and more will be covered at the workshop. It is very participatory so please come prepared to share your experiences so we can help develop guidelines to support the sector as a whole. We would like people to select their breakout preferences and do some ‘homework’ in advance to understand their local procurement context and be able to feed into discussions

See the event PDF for the draft agenda and further details
Googledocs for the breakout exercises

Costs and Registration

Registration is now open. The fee to register for the workshop is £25.

Please note that registration via the University of Edinburgh ePay system has several steps. You need to select the item, add it to the basket, pay and confirm. Please proceed through all the pages until you see a confirmation notice like below.