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Towards a FAIRer ecosystem: the latest from FAIRsFAIR

Patricia Herterich | 06 September 2021

This summer has been busy for us at the DCC and our FAIRsFAIR colleagues as we were finalizing another round of project reports that have just been published on Zenodo. This blog post gives you and overview of the three latest reports we contributed to. 

Supporting repositories on their journey to FAIR 

D4.3 Report on the certification support and guidance for repositories and reviewers” provides a detailed overview of the FAIRsFAIR support programme for repositories. Over the last 20 months, FAIRsFAIR partners have supported 10 European repositories on their journey to becoming more trustworthy and FAIR-enabling by preparing them for CoreTrustSeal certification. The DCC has provided 1-1 support for 4 repositories and contributed to a range of workshops for the whole cohort. In addition to a detailed insight into the support for repositories, the report also covers the training sessions offered to CoreTrustSeal reviewers as well as a set of recommendations for anyone interested in setting up their own repository support programme. 

To complement the repository support, FAIRsFAIR has also worked on some tools that help researchers assess their awareness for FAIR (FAIR-Aware) as well as a tool that repositories can use to assess the FAIRness of their datasets (F-UJI). “D4.5 Report on FAIR Data Assessment Toolset and Badging Scheme” covers the latest version of the FAIR assessment metrics as developed by the team as well as development details for both tools. It also covers considerations and ideas for assigning badges to datasets that have been assessed e.g., by the F-UJI tool. 

Assessing services for their FAIR-enablement 

FAIRsFAIR also looked at services beyond data repositories that play a role in making or keeping data FAIR. Over the last year, FAIRsFAIR collected input on recommendations and best practice for services and went through various iterations to improve its framework for assessing services for supporting FAIRness. “D2.7 Framework for assessing FAIR Services” presents the latest version of the recommendations. They are structured along seven aspects (FAIR-Enablement, Quality of Service, Open & Connected, User Centricity, Transparency, Longevity, Ethical & Legal) and assigned a priority to indicate which recommendation will deliver most value for the service’s users.  

We hope these reports are useful to the community. If you have any questions or further ideas, do get in touch with the DCC team in the comments or contact the wider FAIRsFAIR project: