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New DMPonline v3.0.4 release update notes

Magdalena Drafiova & Patricia Herterich | 20 October 2021

Our colleagues from the DMPonline and DMPRoadmap development team worked very hard and we are ready with the new release v3.0.4 of DMPRoadmap. You can read the release notes from the software developers here, and below we are providing you with a very brief summary about the latest changes with few highlights.


We have fixed the display guidance, because the more generic guidance did not appear if the organisation had customised guidance (#2989). We also ensured that you can now add funder at the later stage, when you go back through your plan’s project details page (#3029). We also fixed search for plans through ‘my dashboard’ page – which was throwing errors (#3000). We have also added red asterisk when creating an organisation, highlighting that this is a required field:


Another new feature is that when you go through your project details page, you can add the funding status:



Administrators features were upgraded mainly around API V1, where you can now use plan.owner as the data contact if available, include the new ethical_issues fields or for example include the user entered plan.identifier as:dmroadmap_funding_opportunity_number

Other improvements covered areas around infrastructure and more technical upgrades not visible to the user at the front end.

Last but not least, we are keen to hear from you about how you use the tool and how we can improve it, so please feel free to: