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Introducing User Acceptance Testing for your newly customised DMPonline pages

Magdalena Drafiova | 10 May 2021

The benefit of subscribing to our enhanced package is that you get to customise your pages. In our recent blog post, we have laid out how we revisited and improved the process. One of the areas where we have realised we will need to improve on is also introducing UAT (User Acceptance Testing) for your newly customised testing pages. In this blog post I summarise how to go about testing your newly created pages, however you can also watch a video (

When you fill the form you can customise the URL, colours, logo, favicon & texts. Prior to launching your new site live you need to review the testing pages where we ask you to do the user acceptance testing or in other words to check whether the pages customisation is done as you desired.

When we ask you to test the pages, you will be provided with a testing URL. This is not your live site this is a site where you can review the branding and any requested text changes. Please note that in order to access the site you will need to click through the SSL warning to view your demo sites.  

Please note that all data on this page is temporary and will be removed periodically so do not start putting together new templates or guidance on this site. Everything you will do on the live site - will be applied to your new branded site with your new URL.  

For the UAT you will need to check the following:

1. Colours

3. Texts

1, Colours

The most frequent colour customisation is to change the primary and secondary colour to reflect your institutional branding colours.

When testing your branded pages make sure that you check the following:

  • colours that appear on the test pages are the correct colour
  • colours appear well when you hover and click through tabs
  • the colouring of the texts and links

2, Logo and favicon


  • Is this the correct logo?
  • Is the position of the logo correct? (e.g. is it not upside down)
  • Is the size of the logo correct?
  • Have you provided us with the correct colour of the logo with the provided background on your customised pages?
  • favicon –Is it the correct image?

3, Texts

You can customise the following static pages:

If you have decided to make changes to any of these pages, please go through them in detail and check the following:

  • Are there any spelling mistakes?
  • Did we add all the texts you requested?
  • If you added any links into the text:
    • click through every link and check whether the links works
    • check whether it lands on the page where you wanted your users to be directed to
  • check whether the colour of the links is correct
  • check whether the layout of the text is correct- are there are gaps between the text needed or any of the text should be bigger or smaller
  • Is the colour of the text correct?

By following these steps we will ensure that your pages will be ready to go live, and all will appear and work as needed.

However, if you find out any mistake during the UAT please get in touch with us at and email us the mistakes in the following way:

  1. tell us the page where the mistake appears
  2. tell us what is the issue – wrong link, colour, layout, size or anything else
  3. send us the correct link/a picture of the correct layout, size or colour or do a print screen and layout where do you want the changes to be implemented
  4. if you want any further text changes, please send them in a word document using track changes to highlight what we need to adjust

If you have any further thoughts about how to improve the UAT please get in touch with at