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Delivering Research Data Management Services MOOC: Week 5 Recap

Getting started with Roadmaps

| 16 November 2020

During the fifth week 5 of the course we bring together the previous four chapters of the MOOC, and look into developing a roadmap for delivering RDM services within an organisation. We examined case studies from the Universities of Edinburgh, Southampton and Surrey, and got started on considerations for developing a roadmap for the learners’ institutions. We looked into creating a list of actions and priorities, the different teams and people that would need to be involved as well as how to make these plans and actions public. 

Learners were able to produce and share their own roadmap as well as comment on other participants’ work. 

As always, we received some great comments: 

"Indeed the guides for this module is very helpful. Identifying what is the present RDM situation then from that point, actions will be formulated to come up a workable plan."

"It is of utmost importance to benefit from the experiences of others in this field in a way that suits the reality of our work, also to see the opinions of specialists, to follow up on the progress of work and to avoid mistakes as much as possible."

Thank you all for joining us on the 3rd run of the Delivering Research Data Management Services MOOC. We hope you found it useful - see you in the next one!