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Delivering Research Data Management Services MOOC v4: Week 1 Recap

René van Horik, RDNL | 13 September 2021

The course “Delivering Research Data Management Services” has started again! The Anglo-Dutch initiative to provide an online course on research data management services started its fourth round this week. The course is moderated by 6 experts from the “Digital Curation Centre” (DCC-UK) and the Dutch coalition “Research Data Netherlands” (RDNL). As the moderator of the first week of this course I am happy to see that there is already quite a lot of engagement and interaction with the participants. It is still possible to join the course, so register here to get involved!

We are happy to report that until now about 500 people from over 90 countries have subscribed to the five-week course. The top 3 countries are, the UK, India and the Netherlands which together account for 30% of all participants. This is illustrated by the map below.

The main part of this first week concerned the introduction of research data management in relation to the “research data life cycle”. Three case studies were presented and discussed and participants were invited to reflect on the RDM priorities in their own institute. Next week Ryan and I will be moderating the course in which we will introduce how to do a gap analysis to identify what may be lacking in your institution and what you may want to aspire to. Just as in the first week, no doubt this will generate thoughtful discussion and we look forward to your comments! See you in week 2!