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D7.4: Report on Training Workshops

TitleD7.4: Report on Training Workshops
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsWhyte A, Leenarts E, de Vries J, Thorat R, Kuehn E, Sipos G, Cavalli V, Kalaitzi V, Ashley K
Date Published11/2018
Report NumberV1.2

This report documents the delivery and outcomes of the four main WP7 training events held between November 2017 and August 2018. Three were consultative workshops targeting trainers in the Research Infrastructure community and coordinators of research data management services in Institutions. The fourth was the GridKa School 2018, which offered the opportunity to test the applicability of the Skills Framework developed in WP7 to a broad data science training curriculum.

The consultative workshops identified priorities resulting from discussion of three main challenges: (1) infrastructure for training; (2) assisting research performing organisations to develop the competences and capabilities for open data science; and (3) policy coordination on skills and reward mechanisms to stimulate open research data practices.

The report then describes the relevance of GridKa School training to the skills gaps previously identified in WP7. This leads to an assessment of the topics that trainees were interested in learning about, and how these relate to the EOSCpilot Skills Framework. Finally, the report draws conclusions from the two kinds of event organised in WP7; discussion of opportunities and challenges to delivering the skills improvements needed, and delivery of training to do that.