Because good research needs good data

Data Asset Framework

The Data Asset Framework provides organisations with the means to identify, locate, describe and assess how they are managing their research data assets.

It does this by offering a set of methods to gather the information, views and experiences you need to scope research data support services. DAF will thereby help to ensure that research data produced in UK Higher Education Institutions is preserved and remains accessible in the long term.


DAF recommends a four stage process:

  • Stage 1 is for planning, defining the purpose and scope of the survey and conducting preliminary research.
  • Stage 2 is about identifying what data assets exist and classifying them to determine where to focus efforts for more in-depth analysis.
  • Stage 3 is where the information life cycle is considered to understand researchers’ workflows and identify weaknesses in data creation and curation practices.
  • Stage 4 pulls together the information collected and provides recommendations for improving data management.

See the Implementation Guide which provides practical usage tips and example questionnaires and interviews frameworks used in data surveys.

For more information about DAF and reports from pilot studies, see the project website.