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DMPonline Events

For our first virtual user group, we would like to try something different! We would like to invite you to help us set development priorities. 

In preparation, we would like you to suggest the two most important feature requests or improvements to DMPonline that would be of benefit to your institutions. Please submit your two selected features by Tuesday, 25 May 2021.

DMPonline demo sessions are 1-hour online demo sessions once a month for our users where we go through one specific DMPonline feature, demo it and discuss its functionality with you. You can ask us questions during this session to ensure you understand the functionality to its fullest. Shared document here & YouTube recordings

We run informal regular monthly drop-in sessions for our community, which normally last around 45 minutes where we keep you up to date with our most recent work. We normally have a guest speaker from our DMPonline subscribers to discuss research data management practices at their institutions. All recordings are here:

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