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This user group meeting will include quick updates on the machine-actionable features under development in the November - January sprint. These include: machine-actionable grant ID field, integration with Research Organisation Registry (ROR), DataCite DOIs for Research Outputs, integration with RSpace.

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Development Priorities for 2023-2024

00 on 22 August, focused on the DMPonline Development Priorities for 2023-2024

Working together on a Plan

Machine Actionable DMP Workshop

Our DMPonline team and partners delviered a series of talks and open discussion covering Machine Actionable Data Management Plans (maDMPs), the role of maDMPs in European Open Science and what is currently possible within DMPRoadmap. The workshop ran alongside a series of events ahead of the Research Data Alliance Plenary 20 (RDA P20). 


In this event we revisit a feature you asked for, versions of a data management plan. During the event our team will propose how we initially plan to implement this and give you the opportunity to provide your feedback early in the process.

The event is suitable for subscribed institutions and any users who are interested in the topic.


This online user group meeting provided an overview of the new plan creation wizard and updates on the Research outputs.

Time Topic
10:30 - 10:45 UTC


Includes a quick overview of latest development work.


This user group meeting is primarily aimed at subscribing institutions.

The programme will include an overview of existing APIs, how they can be used and their benefits. It will also include examples of how some institutions have used the data retrieved from APIs for various purposes.

It may be useful to prepare for the meeting by reading the information about the APIs that is available on GitHub.

Find out more about existing APIs

Join us in the upcoming online user group on 27 April 2022! 

Please note that this event is open to paying customers only. 

Draft Programme

Time Topic
09:30- 09:50

Introduction & icebreaker

09:50 -10:10

Updates from the DMPonline team

10:10 - 10:45

New features from DMPRoadmap / DMPTool

The DCC DMPonline service now has over 60 institutional subscribers. Many are actively supporting the use of the tool on campus and provide inspiring examples in the monthly knowledge exchange blogs and drop-in sessions to share key lessons learned.