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Join the growing number of research institutions, funders and countries subscribing to DMPonline

DMPonline can be customised by funders, institutions and other interested stakeholders. The value of the subscription is that you can profile your services and gather intelligence to better support user needs.

Over 17,000 people use DMPonline with many research organisations and funders in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Sweden supporting the service. 

Subscribing organisations and funding partners can:

  • Create institutional/funder templates
  • Customise funder templates
  • Provide tailored guidance and example answers
  • Brand the tool by adding logos, colours, text and your own URL
  • Monitor user data and statistics
  • Harvest information using the API
  • Assign permissions to others 

We offer various levels of service and grade subscription fees based on the size and research intensity of your institution. National level services are also offered such as DMPTuuli. If you have bespoke needs, we can also offer custom packages.

Please get in touch with us for an informal conversation on your requirements.