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Collaboration between DMPonline and FAIRsharing

Patricia Herterich | 09 December 2020

We’re delighted to announce a new collaboration between the DMPonline service and FAIRsharing. Responding to your user requests, you will soon be able to access standardised metadata from FAIRsharing in DMPonline!


Image: F1000 data policy and the repositories it recommends - visualisation of FAIRsharing data

FAIRsharing is a web-based, searchable portal of three interlinked registries, containing both in-house and crowdsourced manually curated descriptions of standards, databases and data policies. It is a RDA-endorsed resource.

We have recently completed a Memorandum of Understanding with FAIRsharing to run a one year trial integration of FAIRsharing metadata into the DMPonline tool via the shared DMPRoadmap codebase. This will be similar to our integration with the RDA metadata standards directory and will allow DMPonline to take another step towards machine-actionability.

We will work on integration in 2021 and look forward to serving FAIRsharing metadata through our service!