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List of Metadata Use Cases

  • SPASE Inside

    The SPASE website's list of systems that use SPASE compliant metadata to enable search services.

  • Spitzer Space Telescope Website

    The image gallery for the Spitzer Space Telescope employs AVM within its content management system, and all the images have AVM tags embedded within them.

  • STEREO Science Center

    Archive for STEREO telemetry, mission support data, and higher level instrument data and analysis software.

  • The Cell: An Image Library

    A resource database of images, videos, and animations of cells, capturing a wide diversity of organisms, cell types, and cellular processes. Its native metadata format for images is OME-XML.

  • The Centre for Digital Music Research Data Repository

    Used by researchers at C4DM to share their research data with their colleagues and others in the digital music research community, this repository uses the DataCite metadata schema to describe its holdings.

  • The Institution for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS) Data Archive

    Provides members of the scholarly community with access to files associated with scholarly studies for the purpose of replication, for all studies conducted by ISPS-affiliated researchers. ISPS metadata records conform to DDI requirements and include a minimal set of Dublin Core metadata elements.

  • UK ADS - UK Archeology Data Service

    The ADS collects, catalogues, manages, preserves, and encourages re-use of digital resources created by archaeologists. It promotes good practice in the use of digital data in archaeology, provides technical advice to the research community, and supports the deployment of digital technologies. Its catalogue records are based on Dublin Core.

  • UK Polar Data Centre

    An organisation coordinating the management of data collected by UK-funded scientists in the polar regions, using an application profile that is harmonious with both ISO 19115 and DIF.

  • UKDA - UK Data Archive

    Curator of the largest collection of digital data in the social sciences and humanities in the United Kingdom, the archive uses DDI as the basis for its catalogue records.

  • Unidata's CF Use Cases

    The 2011 Unidata NetCDF Workshop's list of projects and groups adopting or encouraging the CF-Conventions as a standard.