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List of Metadata Tools

  • Saada

    A tool for publishing astronomical data files as online databases suitable for integration into the international Virtual Observatory.

  • SDAC Tools

    A set of four tools for working with SDAC-compliant archives: acut can be used to edit text files in a columnar fashion; trcol removes or transforms columns from a text file; anafile verifies that data files conform to their description; tofits converts SDAC tables to FITS tables.

  • SDMX Editor

    A simple tool for managing and accessing statistical metadata, using the SDMX framework.

  • SDMX Mapping Assistant

    A tool to facilitate the mapping between the structural metadata provided by an SDMX-ML Data Structure Definition and those that reside in a database of a dissemination environment.

  • SDMX Tool Repository

    A list of software tools supporting the SDMX standard.

  • SeaDataNet Software

    A suite of tools designed by SeaDataNet to facilitate the creation, editing, and conversion of ocean and marine data and metadata. Particular tools are available for preparing ISO 19115-conformant XML metadata files for the SeaDataNet directories.

  • Software for CIF

    The International Union of Crystallography's list of programs and libraries available for use with CIF files.

  • SOS -Sensor Observation Service

    This tool uses the Observations and Measurements standard to define a Web service interface which allows querying observations, sensor metadata, as well as representations of observed features.

  • SPASE Metadata Editor

    A web-based editor for generating SPASE descriptions.

  • SPASE Tools

    The SPASE website's list of tools for working with SPASE metadata and the SPASE framework.