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List of Metadata Tools

  • DDI Tools

    The Data Documentaion Initiative website's list of tools to implement the DDI standard.

  • DdiEditor

    DdiEditor is a DDI-Lifecycle Editing Framework developed by the DDA - Danish Data Archive.

  • Esri Geoportal Server

    Geoportal Server is a standards-based, open source product that enables discovery and use of geospatial resources including data and services.

  • FGDC/CDSGM Tools

    The FGDC website's list of tools to implement the CSDGM standard.

  • Fiji

    Fiji is an image processing package that supports the OME data model for images

  • FISH Interoperability Toolkit

    A suite of tools using the MIDAS Heritage metadata standard to facilitate the process of moving information between the wide variety of information systems used to record the historic environment.

  • FITS Image Software Packages

    Software packages that display or manipulate the relatively simple class of FITS data files that containing 2-dimensional images
  • GAVO DaCHS - Data Center Helper Suite

    The software that underlies the German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory (GAVO), packaged so that it can be used to set up other Virtual Observatory-compliant data centres.

  • Geodoc Metadata Editor

    The Geodoc metadata editor tool allows users to create, validate, edit and export geospatial metadata records. It also supports the creation and export of metadata records as XML output files compliant with a number of standards, including UK AGMAP 2.1, ISO 19115, FGDC, DDI, and Dublin Core.

  • geometa

    Geometa is an R package that offers facilities to handle reading and writing of geographic metadata defined with OGC/ISO 19115, 11119 and 19110 geographic information metadata standards, and encoded using the ISO 19139 XML standard. It also includes a facility to check the validity of ISO 19139 XML encoded metadata. The package can be used in integrated (meta)data management flows to generate business metadata compliant with ISO/OGC standards. Metadata generated with geometa can then be published to standard web metadata catalogues by means of related R packages such as ows4R (R interface to OGC Web-Services) or geonapi (R Interface to GeoNetwork API).