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RDMF7: Incentivising Data Management & Sharing

02-03 November 2011 |

The seventh RDMF workshop took place at the University of Warwick on 2nd and 3rd November 2011.

The theme for the workshop was Incentivising Data Management & Sharing. Presentations and discussions addressed a vibrant range of questions including

  1. What are the enablers and barriers for the sharing and reuse of research data, and what really is the key to unlocking an apparent impasse?
  2. What kinds and level of impact from research output are both desirable and achievable through the application of effective data management?
  3. What should be the funders’ role in motivating data sharing?
  4. Are institutional measures to encourage and facilitate effective data management and sharing a matter of cash, careers or cultural change?
  5. What should be involved in the creation of support infrastructures that will engage researchers?
  6. Can applying a benefits analysis toolkit have value as a motivational lever?
  7. What should be funded by whom and who claims the return on investment? What are the implications for funders, institutions and researchers?


The funders' role as motivators. A myth, or achievable reality? - Ben Ryan, EPSRC

Institutional measures to encourage and facilitate effective data management and sharing. A matter of cash, careers or cultural change? - Miggie Pickton, University of Northampton

Benefits analysis: challenges and opportunities - Neil Beagrie, Neil Begrie Ltd

The institutional data management blueprint - Jeremy Frey, University of Southampton

Costs and Registration

This event commenced at 16:30 on 2nd November, concluding at 16:00 on 3rd November.

The price for attending was £100 (£60 for DCC Associates), which included dinner and overnight accommodation in Warwick's Scarman House conference centre.

Details about Scarman House are provided via a link from the registration page.