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IDCC24 Awards

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Pictured left to right, Kevin Ashley, Katie Buntic, Pinja Immonen, Brian Matthews

Best Paper

Adapting FAIR evolution to photon and neutron facilities - Brian Matthews, Group Leader, UKRI, Simon Lambert, Project Manager and Researcher, UKRI & ​Abigail McBirnie​, Research Information and Evaluation Analyst, UKRI

Abstract: We consider evaluating the FAIR-ness of data derived from experiments undertaken at Photon and Neutron Research Infrastructures, which have in general well-defined experimental processes, and need to generate reusable results. We discuss developing a FAIR evaluation method based on those processes. We contend that our approach forms an exemplar for other domains of the FAIR evaluation of research processes.

Best Poster

Challenges in Research Documentation: Enhancing Transparency and Reproducibility, Pinja Immonen, Junior Coordinator, CSC - IT Center for Science

Abstract: Documentation skills and good practices of both researchers and data support specialists are best enhanced by fostering an open and transparent dialogue and working together. Understanding the specific requirements of researchers is crucial, as is ensuring that data support specialists have the necessary expertise to provide assistance. We brought both data support specialists and researchers together to open up the dialogue.

Highly Commended Poster 

Building the Data Stewardship Profession at UCL, Katie Buntic, Research Data Steward, University College London

Abstract: Advanced Research Computing (ARC) at UCL (University College London) is committed to the professionalisation and security of its staff. Alongside Data Scientists and Research Software Engineers, Data Stewards are one of ARC's core "job families". This poster outlines our services, some of the main projects we're currently involved in, and the secure data governance infrastructure that underpins our work.