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DMPonline user group - June 2021

08-09 June 2021 |

For our first virtual user group, we would like to try something different! We would like to invite you to help us set development priorities. 

In preparation, we would like you to suggest the two most important feature requests or improvements to DMPonline that would be of benefit to your institutions. Please submit your two selected features by Tuesday, 25 May 2021.

How to Raise Issues

Enter your issues on this shared spreadsheet. Provide a description of the feature or link to an issue on the DMPRoadmap GitHub repository if you know that your suggestion is already listed there (don’t worry if not - we’re happy to cross-check based on your suggestions and raise additional tickets ahead of the user group).

Based on all your suggestions, we’ll create a list of requested features that you will then get to vote for at the user group meeting (still ironing out details – especially so we can ensure that your voices are heard even if you cannot attend on the day, so expect some more on that later) and we will discuss the most popular requests in more detail.