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Progressing Machine Actionable Data Management Plans in DMPRoadmap

20 March 2023 |

Machine Actionable DMP Workshop

Our DMPonline team and partners delviered a series of talks and open discussion covering Machine Actionable Data Management Plans (maDMPs), the role of maDMPs in European Open Science and what is currently possible within DMPRoadmap. The workshop ran alongside a series of events ahead of the Research Data Alliance Plenary 20 (RDA P20). 

Slides and Recordings

  • Welcome: Overview of event programme and how the event will work Kevin Ashley, DCC, slides (pdf), video recording
  • RDA maDMPs Working Group - Where Are We Now? Tomasz Miksa, RDA DMP Common Standards Working Group, slides (pdf), video recording
  • Overview of the DMPRoadmap Project Kevin Ashley, DCC, Diana Sisu, DCC, slides (pdf), video recording
  • maDMPs in DMPRoadmap, What we can currently do in Roadmap, what we are aiming to achieve, Maria Praetzelis, DMPTool & Brian Riley, DMPTool, slides (pdf), video recording
  • Role of Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) in EnablingMmachine Actionable DMPs, Short overview of work in FAIR-IMPACT to harmonise the use of PIDs within the European Open Science Cloud, Gabriela Mejias, DataCite, slides (pdf), video recording
  • Brazilian Implementation of maDMPs, A description of the national service for writing data management plans, Laura Vilela Rodrigues Rezende, Federal University of Goiás, no slides available, video recording
  • DMPonline: What’s on the Horizon, Diana Sisu, DCC, slides (pdf), video recording
  • FAIRsharing as a content provider for maDMP, Brief overview of what FAIRsharing has done to make data policies themselves more FAIR and machine readable (e.g., funders’ policies), Allyson Lister, FAIRsharing, slides (pdf), video recording
  • maDMPs at OPIDoR, Overview of maDMP capabilities in OPIDoR, the national French implementation of DMPRoadmap, Benjamin Faure, DMP OPIDoR, slides (pdf), video recording
  • Round Table Discussions, Kevin Ashley, DCC, discussion topics, video recording
  • Wrap up and Close, Kevin Ashley, DCC, video recording


DMP Roadmap is a Data Management Planning tool. The codebase is open source and is available at . Management and development of DMPRoadmap is jointly provided by the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) and the University of California Curation Center (UC3). The DCC & UC3 work closely with research funders and universities to produce a tool that generates active DMPs and caters for the whole lifecycle of a project, from bid-preparation stage through to completion.

The DCC provides the DMPonline service available for free to users all over the world, and also offers subscription models for institutional and national services. DMPonline is a web-based tool that supports over 100,000 users to develop data management plans.

The DMPTool is run out of the California Digital Library and supports over 370 participating organizations in the United States and internationally. Thanks to support from the National Science Foundation, the DMPTool team has developed several new features and workflows to support machine-actionable DMPs.

More recently, the DMPRoadmap team has been joined by teams from Canada and France, which provide the national services DMPAssistant and, respectively, OPIDoR.


For enquiries, please contact the DMPonline helpdesk at