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EOSC Secretariat – Landscape Working Group


In its work to map of European research infrastructures and identify areas for possible convergence and alignment of structures, the EOSC Landscape Working Group engaged the consultancy services of the DCC in mid-2020. Specifically, our remit was to provide a detailed analysis of the Country Sheets provided by EU Member States, Associated Countries, and Other Countries, which outlined the infrastructures, initiatives, responsibilities and policies with respect to EOSC readiness.  

The result of this work was the Landscape Analysis report, which focuses on the current open science policy landscape in EU member states and associated countries and makes recommendations on existing EOSC readiness indicators and future approaches to assessment of readiness. The publication of this report was followed by a two-day validation workshop in September 2020 with members of the EOSC Landscape Working Group to present and discuss our findings.