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New DMPRoadmap v3.1.0 release update notes

Patricia Herterich | 09 May 2022

Our developers have worked hard on a new DMPRoadmap release – v3.1.0 was made available in early April and has now been deployed to the DMPonline live service. As always, you can read the full release notes on GitHub. Please note that for the moment, we have disabled the research outputs feature and any connected maDMP integrations are currently switched off to allow us more time to consult with you on the launch of these major changes. 

We highlight some of the other new features for your attention in this blog post. 

Changes for researchers 

Researchers can now expand and collapse the Guidance and Comments sections when editing their DMPs. This gives the researcher more space to see their answers. Clicking on the 'Comments & Guidance' label will collapse or expand the section for that question. The section is expanded by default. (#3123

Organisational administrators 

The organisational details page now allows organisational administrators to add a help desk email. This email will be displayed in any email signatures for emails sent from the system as long as the recipient of the email is affiliated with the same organisation. (#3140) This is a further step to highlight institutional support rather than the central DMPonline helpdesk. 


Furthermore, this release addresses the following issues that we had patched for you already: 

  • Organisational Administrators can see the ‘Share’ tab on plans again (#3131

  • Changes to templates can be saved again without causing errors (#3038

  • Users that have removed themselves as collaborators on a plan are no longer displayed on a Plan’s Share tab (#3126

  • Editing boxes are back to their default size after loading (#3138



API fixes  

We addressed several of the issues you have reported using our APIs: 

  • We fixed the bug that was always using the DCC default template when creating a new DMP in API v1 instead of the template that you indicated (#3137

  • We fixed a bug that prevented plans from being created via API v0 (#3135

  • We fixed an issue that prevented users from being unassigned from a department using API v0 (#3132

Last but not least, we are keen to hear from you about how you use the tool and how we can improve it, so please feel free to:  

- email us at,   

- contact us on Twitter @DMPonline, and LinkedIn  

- subscribe to our monthly newsletter and watch GitHub for code updates.   

You can also discuss any of our new features on the user group mailing list.