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New DMPRoadmap v3.0.6 release update notes

Patricia Herterich | 15 March 2022

Our developers have worked hard on a new DMPRoadmap release – v3.0.6. This was made available in late February and has now been deployed to the DMPonline live service. The most recent deployment covers both v3.0.5 and v3.0.6. As always, you can read the full release notes on GitHub. Quite a few of these changes we had already patched for you and thus, you will not notice them as a change. We highlight some of the new features for your attention below.

Changes for researchers

We have removed the phone number from the information you can provide on new contributors as it is unnecessary personal information to be provided and stored.

The Affiliation field was mandatory but not highlighted as such. You no longer have to provide an affiliation for your contributors.


API fixes

We addressed several of the issues you have reported using our API v0

  • Querying the  ‘/api/v0/plans’ endpoint now returns 100 plans as it does for the '/api/v0/statistics/plan' endpoint (#3105).

  • '/api/v0/statistics/plan' includes again the plan owner’s email address (#3094)

Admins can again give other colleagues “Use API” rights. (#3047)


The latest release includes an update to the PDF coversheet to always display the creator of the DMP. (#3049)

Some of you also ran into issues trying to download information from DMPonline. We have fixed CSV downloads that threw errors.

  • where one of the plans did not seem to have an owner.

  • some questions within a plan were not answered.

We are keen to hear from you about how you use the tool and how we can improve it, so please feel free to: 

You can also discuss any of our new features on the user group mailing list.