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M4.3 CoreTrustSeal+FAIRenabling, Capability and Maturity

TitleM4.3 CoreTrustSeal+FAIRenabling, Capability and Maturity
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsL'Hours H, von Stein I, Cepinskas L, de Vries J, Davidson J, Herterich P, Huber R, Mathers BJ
Report NumberVersion 1.0

This milestone (M4.3) document updates the previous CoreTrustSeal+FAIR Overview1 and the Draft Maturity Model Based on Extensions and-or Additions to CoreTrustSeal Requirements (M4.2)2. The latter document provides extensive context and references component documents that provide the foundation for this work.

Note: The authors would like to thank the CoreTrustSeal Board for their valuable feedback on a prepublication version of this text including alignments and target capabilities. The authors acknowledge that while recommending that repositories adopt this approach, no formal adoption and integration into the CoreTrustSeal requirements or processes can take place outside the scheduled, periodic community review process.