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Evaluation of CoreTrustSeal, Implications for Maturity Modeling

TitleEvaluation of CoreTrustSeal, Implications for Maturity Modeling
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsL'Hours H, von Stein I, Devaraju A, Huigen F, Davidson J, Herterich P, de Vries J, Mokrane M
Report Number01.00

This paper is milestone 4.1 of the FAIRsFAIR task 4.1 (Capability Maturity models towards FAIR Certification) within the FAIR Certification work package (WP4).

This document presents the first iterative step in aligning the characteristics of FAIR digital objects with the repositories that ‘enable’ FAIRness, through the CoreTrustSeal Trustworthy Data Repository Requirements and the application of a capability/maturity evaluation approach.