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Data for D7.1 FAIR in European Higher Education (1.0)

TitleData for D7.1 FAIR in European Higher Education (1.0)
Publication TypeDataset
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsStoy L, Saenen B, Davidson J, Engelhardt C
Date Published06/2020

As part of the EOSC project family the FAIRsFAIR - Fostering Fair Data Practices in Europe - project aims to supply practical solutions for the use of the FAIR data principles throughout the research data life cycle. The FAIRsFAIR project runs from March 2019-February 2022.

FAIRsFAIR Work Package 7 “FAIR Data Science and Professionalisation” aims to develop resources and build communities that support the uptake of RDM and FAIR practice within higher education curricula.

The data published here stems from a both a web-based questionnaire with 90 responses conducted within FAIRsFAIR WP7 between 19 September and 15 November 2019.