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D5.6 Report 3 of the Synchronisation Force

TitleD5.6 Report 3 of the Synchronisation Force
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsGrootveld M, Hodson S, Pittonet Gaiarin S, Davidson J, Dillo I
Report NumberV1.0_DRAFT

This is the report of the third FAIRsFAIR Synchronisation Force workshop, organised online as a series of eight sessions from 29th of April until 10th of June 2021. The objective of these sessions was to survey the current state of activities towards implementing the recommendations outlined in the Turning FAIR into Reality report (2018), and to provide indicators of the amount of activity being undertaken. To do this, FAIRsFAIR brought together representatives of INFRAEOSC-5 projects, ESFRI clusters and and e-infrastructure projects, the EOSC Association Board of Directors, the FAIRsFAIR European Group of FAIR Champions and High-Level Advisory Committee, as well as project officers of the European Commission, to share information on their FAIR-oriented activities and to discuss commonalities and priorities. This report summarises the workshop outcomes.