Because good research needs good data

Clara Linés

Job Title: 
Research Data Specialist

Clara joined the DCC at the end of January as a Research Data Specialist. Before joining DCC, she was part of a team managing water resources and drought in Scotland. And before moving to Edinburgh in 2018, Clara was in Delft, in the Netherlands, where she had the chance to participate in a research project designed to integrate different types of data into a consistent water resources dataset. Within the project, she was involved in assessing how that data could benefit end-users, and alongside the project, she was carrying out PhD research on how data could help support drought management decisions.

Clara studied Environmental Science in Madrid and, in addition to working in research, she's also had the opportunity to be part of Earth Observation data services, looking at the needs of data users and how they can benefit from data, and working on data quality assessment methods.

Clara has enjoyed the chance to experience many sides of working with data and is excited to now be part of the DCC team, where she is sure to find many new dimensions to discover and share.